Founder / Artist Director

Born and raised in Hong Kong, KUNG Chi Shing is a composer, performer and music activist. KUNG studied classical music and composition in the United States with Allen Trubitt and George Crumb. He is known particularly for his work in the music and performance group ‘The Box’, which he founded with Peter Suart in 1987, and since 2009 as founder and curator of the ‘Street Music Series’ of free public concerts in Hong Kong.

In his compositions and performances, KUNG focuses on experimentation with different formats, including pop, classical and improvisational music, and theatre art. Since 1996 he has created, composed and staged six full-length music theatre pieces: ‘Destiny Travels Limited’, ‘The Floating Bridge’, ‘City Inside a Broken Sky’, ‘M Garden’, ‘City Inside a Broken Sky II’ and ‘Minamata: A Requiem’.

He has collaborated frequently with choreographers, directors and theatre artists, and has performed his music in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Cuba, Tashkent, New York, London, Berlin and Venice. Kung’s solo recordings on CD include Destiny Travels Limited and Bluesilence/Fishdreams, while his recordings with The Box include the compilations BOX: GO HOME, The Box: Full Fathon Five and the special 20th anniversary set The Box Book.